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domingo, 1 de septiembre de 2019

IF GAMERS WERE IN ETN!!! - Escape The Night

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[Q]: What is Escape the Night?

The series follows The Savant (Joey Graceffa) as he finds himself in an estate in a past era, where he invites a number of guests to a party which requires them to act and dress as various personas from that era. Once there, they’re cut off from the outside world, challenged to survive the night and escape the estate. To do this, the guests team up with him to participate in challenges and escape room puzzles, competing with each other to escape from the historical era by solving and completing them. At the end of each episode, two guests are voted into a challenge to compete against each other, where the losing guest is eliminated via a fictional death until one or more guests ultimately win and are sent back to the modern world.

(Credits to gwelle, for this description)

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