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jueves, 29 de agosto de 2019

Trover Saves the Universe | Ep 6 - Kill Doopy Dooper? | Great Scot Gamers

Do we kill Doopy Dooper in Trover Saves the Universe?!

We survived our encounter with Doopy Dooper on the last episode, and now we find ourselves confronted with another impossible task...Upgrade Tina wants us to kill the mushroom monsters...but not her pet...getting a strange sense of deja vu here! With our new ability to roll, we head through into the back door of the castle to find those vocal Glorkon clones giving us all manner of insults! We then have to use the Black Cauldron to suck the guts out of the nearby Glorkon clones...yum! At the end of it all we meet our old pal Doopy again who is blocking our path...find out if he lives or dies now, only on Great Scot Gamers!

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