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jueves, 29 de agosto de 2019

Shout outs #5 - To Fellow Youtubers, Subscribers and Gamers!!

Hey all, thanks for watching and THANKYOU SO SO MUCH For everything you guys do for me!! You’ll never know how much it means!! But I hope making these video’s gives you an idea!! 😄 Here are the channels and a list of people, who were shouted out in this video!! If you all would do me an awesome favour by checking out these people and channels, that would be epic!!!

Glitch’s channel - - - Awesome Xbox gamer

VersedSmile3008 - Brilliant R6 Teammate

Isac Kungen - Always has my back on R6

Lock dot 2 - Bot - Awesome supporter, and an epic person!!

Danial_ezo1- Ryan - - Epic dude, who hopefully can carry me on R6!! 😄

If I missed anyone in this video, or you would like a shout out for the next one, please be sure to let me know in the comments below!! 👇👇 #AwesomePeople #ShoutOutsVideo #ShoutOuts5

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