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domingo, 4 de agosto de 2019

HW News - Intel Asks: "Is Intel Screwed?", DisplayPort 2.0 & 16K Monitor Support

This week's hardware news talks about Intel's internal document talking about AMD's status, DisplayPort 2.0, Intel integer scaling support.

Ad: Buy EVGA's GTX 1660 XC Ultra on Amazon or SC Ultra notes: the GN toolkit: for this week include:

- Intel's internal document talking about AMD's position in the market

- H264 follow-up by EposVox (watch it! Ubuntu Drops 32-bit Support (and brings it back)

- AMD recruits Frank Azor from Dell

- Intel supporting integer scaling

- SiFive chip startup leveraging RISC-V and the trade war

- VESA DisplayPort 2.0 spec finalized

- Cooler Master's gaming monitor expansion

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t: Steve Burke

Editorial: Eric Hamilton

Video: Josh Svoboda, Andrew Coleman

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