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lunes, 5 de agosto de 2019

how we can hack wpa wifi by simple method


This video is only for educational purposes you can try this is in your own wifi

And this channel doesn't promote hacking

Command for install this tool in your termux

1) apt-get update

2) apt-get upgrade

3) pkg install python2

4) pkg install git

5) git clone 6) ls

7) cd wifi-hacker

8) ls

9) sh wifi-hacker.sh

10) pkg install tsu

11) tsudo

12) cd

13) ls

14) cd wifi-hacker

15) ls

16) sh wifi-hacker.sh

NOTE. :- All videos tutorials in my channel is made only for education purpose to help others. The video on this channel is not made for harmful activities so friends always stay legal do legal. ....And all of my video I try my own mobile then don't do this with other person to harm .....this is illegal so don't try this method with other person this video is only for education purpose....

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