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martes, 13 de agosto de 2019

10 True Scary Stories From Gamers (Vol. 1)

Greetings gamers and all those who love video games, welcome to a very special episode of story time. As you can probably already tell, this week we are focusing on stories sent in from gamers like yourself. But I know what you might be asking yourself, whats so creepy about playing video games? Well as you are about to find out on todays episode, its not so much the game, its what happens outside of playing. Here is a preview of what we discuss today.

One of our stories comes from someones babysitting experience while playing video games. They play late into the night until the kiddos go to sleep. Thats when our babysitter starts hearing footsteps outside the home. Little does she know this home alone story was about to turn into a nightmare when an unknown man enters.

Then imagine working at a mom and pop video game store. All is going well until two suspicious men enter the store. Well in this story we discuss what our friend had to go through when he soon learns these two aren't here to buy video games. In fact we are going to find out they will go to any measures to get away with as many goods as they can.

Lastly, we re-tell a creepy story about why you should never tell someone on xbox live your personal secrets. In this pre-cautionary tale we talk about an experience where our main character decides to meet up with who she thought was someone named "Rachel". Turns out this Rachel person wasn't who she said she was.

Thats just a preview of what we will go over. As always make sure to listen to the rest so you can hear what other suspenseful topics we cover.

If you enjoyed the narration in the video then make sure to stay tuned for there is more on the way for you to listen to.

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*Important Notice*

All stories featured on this channel are written specifically for this channel ONLY!!

All the footage on todays episode was filmed by my videographer Brianna. A big thank you to my good buddy YeahManTV Productions who again assisted me with todays artwork.

Confused on what you are watching? Well let me tell you a bit about myself. I am a narrator and voice actor who enjoys telling stories. These are stories that I collaborate with fans and friends in order to bring you a sort of audio adventure. Think of it like an audiobook, only that you are part of the stories as well. The visuals act as a bonus as you get lost in the storytelling. So I hope you enjoy.

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