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jueves, 25 de julio de 2019

Hack WPA/WPA2 Wi-Fi Network using Fluxion on kali linux , no wordlist, evil twin attack.

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**This video is for educational purpose only , this channel does not support any kind of hacking or illegal activities**


*Kali linux


*wifi adapter ( virtual box user only)

Fluxion is the future—a blend of technical and social engineering automation that trick a user into handing over the Wi-Fi password in a matter of keystrokes. Specifically, it's a social engineering framework using an evil twin access point (AP), integrated jamming, and handshake capture functions to ignore hardware and focus on the "wetware." Tools such as Wifiphisher execute similar attacks, but lack the ability to verify the WPA passwords supplied.

Fluxion evolved from an advanced social engineering attack named Lindset, where the original tool was written mostly in Spanish and suffered from a number of bugs. Fluxion is a rewritten attack to trick inexperienced users into divulging the password/passphrase of the network.

Fluxion is a unique tool in its use of a WPA handshake to not only control the behavior of the login page, but the behavior of the entire script. It jams the original network and creates a clone with the same name, enticing the disconnected user to join. This presents a fake login page indicating the router needs to restart or load firmware and requests the network password to proceed. Simple as that.

The tool uses a captured handshake to check the password entered and continues to jam the target AP until the correct password is entered. Fluxion uses Aircrack-ng to verify the results live as they are entered, and a successful result means the password is ours.



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